Matt Damon recently gave an interview to The Guardian -- a paper that actually figures prominently in his latest film, The Bourne Ultimatum -- and had a few interesting things to say. The actor talks in detail about the problems that plagued the first Bourne film -- there were four rounds of re-shoots and no one thought it had a chance of doing well. "The writer, Tony Gilroy, was the first writer in the history of Hollywood to arbitrate against himself so that he didn't have sole credit," Damon says. "These are strong signals to everybody in the industry that a turkey was coming." Damon also seems to soften a little when the reporter asks him if he's open to a fourth Bourne film: "It wouldn't be the worst thing," Damon says. "But it's tough to sustain."

Damon is also asked about his relationship with Ben Affleck, and actually commented on what he thinks sent Affleck's career into a tailspin. He says Affleck committed to roles that "in hindsight weren't good choices" and allowed himself to become a fixture in the tabloids, to his detriment. "If you end up on the cover of Us magazine, you're f**ked," Damon says. "Monday, here's so and so buying a cup of coffee ... Tuesday, here he is again at the bookstore ... By the time it gets to Friday, no one is going to see your movie. There's no mystery to you." Damon also says that he and Affleck aren't currently working on a script, but that they still plan to collaborate on something in the future.