I wasn't surprised to hear that Superbad performed better than expected in theaters this weekend: an estimated $31.2 million at the box office. Everyone I talked with late last week was excited about the movie. My husband and I hadn't liked the trailer much, maybe because we'd seen it at least a dozen times before movies this summer .... and yet, even my husband asked me on Friday, "You think we should give Superbad a chance? I'm changing my mind. Looks like it might be pretty funny."

What did surprise me were the feeble ticket sales for The Invasion, although the warning signs were obvious. When a big-budget Hollywood movie starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig is released during the dog days of August, you wonder if something is amiss. As Nick Schager points out in his review, the film required studio rework after its director submitted an "unacceptable" first cut, and that never bodes well. I also realized I hadn't noticed much advertising for the film -- I never did see a trailer before a film or on TV. Still, I thought a movie with these A-list stars would do better than $6 million on its opening weekend.

The Invasion is currently hovering at a pitiful 22 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, compared with 86 percent for Superbad. Is that the reason why no one wanted to see the sci-fi remake, because it was poorly reviewed? I can't believe that, since Rush Hour 3 has 20 percent, and we could probably name a half-dozen high-grossing films from earlier this summer that many critics panned. Was everyone just in the mood for raunchy laughs this weekend, instead of a science-fiction thriller, or is it a case of Nicole Kidman-itis? Personally, I like Kidman and Craig, but I can't get very interested in yet another remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Ryan Stewart calling it a "borderline-unreleasable mess" in his review didn't motivate me, either.

So let me ask you this: Were you motivated you see The Invasion this weekend, and if so, what did you think? If not, why do you think everyone else stayed away, too?