Have you ever seen Prayer of the Rollerboys? It was this movie about a bankrupt, racist and violent society where this group of guys in white, on rollerblades were setting themselves up to be rogue saviors. They'd skate around, trying to look cool and tough with their white coattails flowing in the wind, but Corey Haim -- he could see through it, even though his old friend was the leader. Awesome, eh? Now it's time to rejoice! The flick's writer, W. Peter Iliff is going to be making his directorial debut. Okay, okay. That's not the only film he's written. He then went on to write Point Break (a little better), and followed that up with Patriot Games and Varsity Blues (much better).

The new film, which he is making with the help of the Yari Film Group, is called Loaded, and has been written by Iliff as well. The Hollywood Reporter says it's about an FBI agent who gets addicted to drugs when he "is forced to smoke cocaine in the line of duty" and then struggles with his life of drug addiction and his life as an agent. His partner is a woman who is also hiding a secret life -- as a sex addict. "When he stumbles onto the case of a missing baby, they're forced to help each other solve their problems to finish the job." How sweet!

The new director says: "The film takes a straight procedural FBI story and does it in a Tarantino style," Iliff said. "We meet the characters at the bottom of their addiction and see them rise out of it. It's a hero's journey." It's not only sweet, but inspiring! Sorry, I'm just a bit apprehensive about the cliched elements, but maybe Iliff has got some surprises up his sleeve as well. Apparently, he wrote the script years ago and he says that it defines him as a writer. Let's hope he can do his defining work justice, and make it seem fresh.

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