It's Monday, the weekend is over and we've got a number of work days looming ahead. Coffee helps, as do cat naps under your desk, but I thought it you might want a little old-school Terry Gilliam comedy to brighten your day. While looking through Cartoon Brew today, I spotted a YouTube video that I've embedded below. This is the Monty Python alum's directorial debut -- Storytime -- which was made back in 1968. It's got a bit about a happy cockroach, the naughty hands of the Albert Einstein ("the only one to have not discovered the Theory of Relativity") and Gilliam's wonderfully sinister take on Christmas cards. If you're itching for some new work by the director, his lone, new directorial credit on IMDb is the untitled Gorillaz movie -- something he will start working on this September, if things haven't changed since April. That is something I can't wait to see!