Looks like Zachary Quinto can still only do the left-handed Vulcan salute. And unfortunately there's no mention of his progress on the more appropriate right-handed method in a new USA Today profile on the actor. Quinto, who will be playing the young Spock in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, had spoken to Entertainment Weekly last month about the salute, admitting he could only do it on his left hand. To get in shape for the movie, he was wearing rubber bands on his right hand and doing special finger exercises.

However, the fact that he posed for USA Today's photo with the left-handed salute isn't a good sign. Another un-Spock-like trait Quinto reveals is emotion. The newspaper claims the actor has found a father figure in Leonard Nimoy, who fills in for Quinto's own dad, who died 23 years ago. Of course, the actor who plays Spock doesn't have to be emotionless, but I always felt like Nimoy was more logical than lovable out of character, as well as in character.

USA Today also claims to have a clue as to the storyline of the new Star Trek movie. Quinto told the paper he couldn't say anything about the prequel's use of both Quinto and Nimoy, but he hinted that "there's going to be a sense of guidance in this film and beyond." Could that refer to the older Spock traveling back in time to guide his younger self? And is this guidance a regular part of Spock's life that we never saw in the previous series and films? Was he continually followed around by the invisible ghost of his older self?

Hopefully it is much simpler, because my brain hurts trying to imagine any of those possibilities. Less interesting to Trekkies out there are Quinto's revelations that he didn't watch Star Trek, favoring DuckTalesand 20/20 instead, that he remains good friends with Tori Spelling and that he prefers staying home to going out clubbing. Star Trek begins shooting in November, in which time I hope Quinto can do the proper salute. If not, he can always get assistance from fishing wire, like William Shatner supposedly does.
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