I've held back from writing this story because I questioned its news value, but I kept seeing full-page ads in my local newspaper (Dallas Morning News), so finally I had to investigate further. The ads promote a one-day "Get Motivated" seminar that will be presented on September 25 in Dallas. The featured speakers include Zig Ziglar ("the Master of Motivation"), former US Presidential candidate Steve Forbes, current Dallas Mavericks basketball coach Avery Johnson, former Secretary of State General Colin Powell -- and Goldie Hawn ("Oscar Winning Actress & Producer"). Wait a minute: Goldie Hawn is now a motivational speaker?

Does that explain why we haven't seen much of her lately on the big screen? When Scott Weinberg reported the news that Goldie would be directing the upcoming comedy Ashes to Ashes, based on a script she shared in writing, he jested that her most recent films "would inspire even the most dedicated actress to demand a four-year vacation." But maybe she's been spending at least some of that time preparing the speaking programs she has developed. Hawn is represented by the International Speakers Bureau (ISB) and her page -- which quotes her speaker fee at a minimum of $50,001 -- explains: "With endless optimism, Hawn welcomes a new stage in her life."

ISB represents a huge number of speakers, including many big-name celebrities, but none that approach what Goldie Hawn has achieved in her motion picture career. If her choice of movie roles has sometimes been questionable, they always seemed to represent how she wanted to portray herself at that particular point of her life. In truth, a movie star becoming a motivational speaker seems a bit odd to me, but I'm sure people will enjoy hearing what she has to say. She'll talk about "How to Attain and Exceed Your Goals." Meanwhile, pre-production on Ashes to Ashes will begin this fall.
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