Being the main man in flicks like The Faculty and The Virgin Suicides pretty much solidified Josh Hartnett's celebrity boy machismo, at least for a while. There was lots of funny and serious romance, a questionable stint re-creating Pearl Harbor and we can't forget -- desperately trying to abstain from sex for 40 Days and 40 Nights -- a favorite of mine. I am not sure why, but there's something about his pent-up walk of sexual frustration that makes me laugh every time. But after all these films, he pulled back a bit, still acting in big-name films like Sin City and Lucky Number Slevin, but not being the hot boy wonder any more.

Hartnett recently spoke to Jam! about why that is. As he describes it: "There was a point where I was on the cover of a bunch of magazines and I was going into auditions trying to convince these directors I was a real actor and not just a magazine cover boy." To get himself some cred, he says: "I had to change my whole perspective and fight for smaller roles and turn down the bigger ones. It's odd when you're doing that, but it's worth it, I think -- I hope -- in the long run." This comment is probably partially, or directly, related to him turning down a huge sum to play Superman.

While focusing on being taken seriously, the actor also states: "I would like to play everything, and I'm naive enough to think that I can." He's doing pretty well so far. His last release was The Black Dahlia (not the best film, but definitely an interesting role), and he's now following it up with Resurrecting the Champ, 30 Days of Night, August,The Prince of Cool and the Chinese film I Come with the Rain, which he says he only has a few lines in. All this effort -- is it worth it? Are you into the Hartnett with or without the cover-boy image?
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