I've never found clowns particularly amusing. Annoying? Sure. Creepy? Definitely. There's something about the painted-on grins, baggy pants and gigantic shoes that lend themselves more to horror than hilarity. Scary clowns worked pretty well in Killer Klowns From Outer Space and the TV adaptation of Stephen King's It, though the slasher flick Fear of Clowns has quickly become one of my least favorite movies of all time. Dead Clowns, just out from Lionsgate, is the first flick that I know of to use zombie clowns, so I went into this one with a modest sense of optimism.

The town of Port Emmet is being pummeled by a hurricane. The last time a storm of this intensity came through was in 1954 and that storm, aided by a bridge support weakened by a drunken tugboat captain, sent a circus train plummeting into the bay. Parts of the train were eventually brought up, but the clown car has remained buried at the bottom of the ocean ever since. Now stirred up by the storm and angered at the neglect that their mortal remains have suffered, the clowns emerge from the bottom of the bay to feast on the flesh of the residents of Port Emmet. The only warning their victims get is the distant sound of calliope music.