Just a few weeks ago, Christopher Campbell gave us the heads up on the brand new poster for Liv Tyler's new horror flick, The Strangers. Now, Shock Till You Drop is hosting an exclusive yellow-band trailer for the film. Written and directed by Bryan Bertino, Strangers stars Scott Speedman and Tyler as a couple terrorized by a murderous trio. The young couple tries to fend off a group of masked murders who inexplicably targeted them at their remote country home. As Scott Weinberg has already pointed out, the similarities to another "couple in peril" horror film are unmistakable.

This is Bertino's debut film and was supposedly based on true events -- about that, Bertino has never really gotten around to explaining what those events were. Chris Ullrich had the chance to see some clips from the film at a Rogue Pictures panel at ComicCon last month. By the sounds of what Chris described, it looks like some of that footage has made it into this online trailer. Luckily, Bertino keeps to quick cuts of the action, so there really isn't that much revealed ... although there definitely are a few creepy shots in the bunch.

The Strangers was originally slated to open July 13, but was postponed. So far, we've seen no mention of a new release date -- unless you count the vague promise of 'Coming Soon' on the one-sheet. After all the photo releases lately, it looks like Rogue could be serious about finally releasing the film in early 2008, as reported in Shock Till You Drop's interview with Bertino.
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