We've beenhearingaboutitforquite some time now, but it looks like Warner Bros. is (really) about to dust off Logan's Run and give a remake another shot. But don't expect just another version of Michael Anderson's 1976 cult classic. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the producers are interested in sticking closer to the source material (by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson) than rehashing the movie, plus it seems they're aiming for an old-school approach.

"While details of the new take are being kept mum, it is known that it will be low-tech science fiction in a futuristic setting and hew closer to the book than the 1976 movie," is how THR puts it. And get this: They've hired a director! Yep, first-timer Joseph Kosinski will be at the helm, and he'll be working from an adapted screenplay by Tim Sexton. Although he's done a lot of commercial work (and some collaborations with David Fincher), this will mark Kosinski's first time at features. But it sounds like he really came prepared: "Kosinski came into Warners with a presentation that included graphic art and animated previsualization that set the look, color, tone and style of the movie he wanted to make." Ah, and Joel Silver is still attached as overseer.

For those who've never seen the movie, here's a quick recap: In the future, you're killed at age 30. If you try to run, you'll be caught and killed by a "sandman." But what happens when a "sandman" decides to run?? (Quick enough for you?) Over the past few years, directors like Bryan Singer, James McTeigue and Robert Schwentke have been (temporarily) attached to the remake, but with Mr. Kosinski now on board, I think we can soon expect a bunch of interesting news on this remake. Obviously we'll let you know. (And not that you asked, but I'm one of the many who really adores the Logan's Run flick. Silly jumpsuits and all.)
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