Ryan Reynolds recently responded to a question about whether he was still interested in tackling the role of The Fastest Man Alive in the upcoming Justice League movie or in a solo Flash film. You can check out his response in a quick video over at ign.com. He stumbled a little bit, saying he wasn't sure how much he was supposed to say, which I suppose implies there is something worth telling. Reynolds explains how he's always identified with Wally West and Barry Allen, the two most recent incarnations incarnations of The Flash, though I say how about giving some props to Jay Garrick the original Scarlet Speedster? More to the point, though, he basically says he's interested if the film comes together. Reynolds was linked to the character when David Goyer was going to write and direct a Flash movie, but Reynolds was presumed off the project when Goyer backed out.

As Cinematical's Jessica Barnes posted the other day, the Justice League movie is said to be on the fast track with production beginning as early as February/March 2008 (though the IGN story mentions January), and Mad Max director George Miller is the likely candidate to sit in the director's chair. Personally, I'm hoping this comes together. We've seen lots of superhero movies in recent years, but this would be on a scale unlike anything we've seen before. If, however, we find out that the Wonder Twins have been worked into the script, I'm planning to shoot myself.
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