I've always been jealous when I've read about test screenings for the films I want to see, or hear about them on DVD commentaries later. While sometimes it's better to wait for the whole epic experience, especially if a lot of effects and fine-tuning are necessary, it's still nice to be part of the creative process when you can. The Reeler recently got word from indie filmmaker Ed DuRanté that he's doing a rough-cut screening of his upcoming film, Jake Gets Paid.

As he describes it, the film is "a Black black comedy about an African-American filmmaker and the price he pays for fame." DuRanté continues: "I need to show it to a diverse group of smart folks and get some critical feedback before I submit it to Sundance in a few weeks." How cool is that? I can't even count the number of times I have seen the movie and wished I could've talked to the filmmaker before they released it. Sometimes the problems are too huge to change, but how often have you seen a movie and noticed easy-to-change aspects that would quickly strengthen the film? If you're in Manhattan and this is up your alley, the screening will be tomorrow night at 7 PM at Tisch School of the Arts. Check out The Reeler for specific details on how to attend.
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