Does it really matter what the Alien vs. Predatorsequel is called? Unless Fox titles it something like Women who Grow Old Together and Discuss Past Romances and Needlework, the movie will attract the same fanboys, geeks and franchise loyalists who hope that it will redeem the series after a disappointing debut. So far, the studio has tried the following titles: the too-redundant Alien vs. Predator: AVP2; the too-abbreviated AvP2; the too-long Alien vs. Predator: No Peace on Earth and finally the too-inconspicuous Aliens vs. Predator (as if to align it with Cameron's masterpiece). However, according to, that "finally" wasn't actually a final decision, as Fox is now picking the dumbest title of all: Alien vs. Predator - Requiem. Sounds like a subtitle for a Resident Evil movie, and it's just as unnecessary.

Why not just go with the obvious: Alien vs. Predator 2? It's simple, it's straightforward and it doesn't require all the money paid to some marketing guy who probably took all day thinking up "Requiem." Considering how many titles are listed as Requiem on the IMDb, Fox might want to stay away from the thing. But then, the studio isn't the best at coming up with sequel names (Live Free or Die Hard?). Whatever it's called, AVP2 has only a few months left before its Christmas release, so Fox better finalize its decision and get us some posters and trailers soon. The sequel, directed by effects wizards Colin and Greg Strause, takes the battle of alien species to a farm in Texas, where Shareeka Epps (Half Nelson), John Ortiz (Miami Vice), Steven Pasquale (Rescue Me), Gena Holden (Final Destination 3), David Paetkau (Final Destination 2) and Reiko Alesworth (24) will be caught in the crossfire. According to Pasquale, it will be scarier than the first movie. According to many fans, it better be.
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