Back in June, I wrote about a request made by Barbara McQueen Brunsvold, the widow of Steve McQueen. She had stated that if there's ever to be a biopic about her late husband, then Daniel Craig should be cast in the lead role. At the time, I figured Craig was a good enough fit, but I also thought such a film was unnecessary and would probably not be produced.

As it turns out, there is now a movie about McQueen in the works. But it comes from another one of the actor's wives, his first. According to a story on Variety, Neile McQueen Toffel, who was married to McQueen from 1956 to 1972 (when she was known as actress Neile Adams), just sold the rights to her book My Husband, My Friend to producer Kevin Kasha, who is a senior VP at New Line Home Entertainment. Despite the division in which Kasha works,it hasn't been revealed whether or not the McQueen film will be a direct-to-video release.

At nearly 40 years of age, Daniel Craig may be too old to play the McQueen of the 50s and 60s. He does look damn good for his age, though, so hopefully Kasha will take him into consideration. Of course, somebody could still pick up the rights to Brunsvold's book, Steve McQueen: The Last Mile, which mostly consists of photographs, and we can have dueling biopics, a la Capote vs. Infamous. Either way, Craig needs to be thought of. However, if the 007 actor can't play McQueen, perhaps he could one day star in a remake of one of McQueen's movies -- seems they'll all get redone sooner or later.

So far, of McQueen's pics, there's been new versions of The Thomas Crown Affair, The Blob and The Getaway and there's confirmed or rumored plans to redo The Topkapi Affair, Bullitt and The Blob again. McQueen is far from forgotten or obsolete, though. Currently there's a heist film in development called Yucatan, which is based on notes and storyboards by the actor. Also, someone paid $2.3 million for his 1963 Ferrari last week.
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