Even as California attempts to keep film and television production within its borders, other states -- not to mention the entire country of Canada -- keep trying to lure filmmakers to their area with financial incentives. It's not just a North American phenomenon, though. The Czech Republic became a favored filming location in recent years because of its cost advantage and the growing experience of Czech crews and production companies. But Czech Business Weeklyreports that the country has started losing projects to other countries that offer tax incentives.

Ludmila Claussová, head of the Czech Film Commission, told the publication: "If we want to remain on the film map, we'll need [to pass] these incentives." She says that the "U.S. studio bosses" behind Hellboy 2"moved set decorations they already stored in Prague [because Hellboy was shot there] by truck to Hungary" when they realized how much money they would get back if they shot in the nearby country. (Universal Pictures is the distributor of Hellboy 2 as well as Wanted,which wrapped filming in the Czech Republic in July.) Though she doesn't believe income from foreign productions will be lower this year, she is concerned for the future. And no wonder: she estimates that the filming of The Chronicles of Narnia"affected about 15,000 to 20,000 people that annually have work in the film industry."

When asked the type of films that should be attracted, she replied: "In some discussion you can hear that stupid Americans are shooting low-quality movies here and we shouldn't be proud of it, not to mention supporting it. ... But we shouldn't support only films of high-artistic quality. It is a business like any other, it gives jobs to people." Hmm, wonder if she had any particular film in mind? The next film in the Chronicles of Narnia series, Prince Caspian, is due to wrap shooting in the Czech Republic this month.

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