Being the second most populous nation, India is like this glittering Eden of box office potential -- one that Hollywood is desperately trying to break into. So far, Bollywood has stood relatively free from the foreign influence. Variety notes that Hollywood nabbed a whopping 85% of Spain's box office last year, while only 8% in India. I'd say - "Go, India!" but it looks like the tide is changing. Instead of continuing with plans for remakes and exportation, Hollywood studios are going to make Bollywood movies mainly for Indian audiences.

Warner Brothers unveiled their first India production this week, an action comedy called Made in China. Directed by Nikhil Advani and written by Shridhar Raghavan, the film stars Akshay Kumar as a "Mumbai cook who is mistaken for a martial-arts master as well as Indian model-turned-actress Deepika Padukone." It'll be filmed in Hindi and marks the first Indian production to shoot in China. (But will their censors be into the fantastical elements?) It's also said to be pretty pricey for Bollywood standards.

Obviously, Hollywood entering Bollywood has its pluses -- huge distribution power, money and technology to bring new waves in cinema, such as Disney's plan to make yearly toons for the nation -- the first to be Roadside Romeo. On the flip side, it was inspiring to see a powerful local film industry doing well without Hollywood. I'm all for international co-productions, but I'd hate to be posting in a few years that Hollywood has upped its box office take in India to numbers that rival Spain's. Check out the Variety piece for more details.