I was watching Talladega Nights the other day and start griping about Isla Fisher. Why? Sheer jealousy of course -- her being engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen. Anyway, a friend asked me who the hell I was talking about, and I explained that she was the bubbly model replacement for the bonnet-wearing Naomi Watts in I Heart Huckabees. My other friend then told me I was crazy and explained that she was also the girl from the Wedding Crashers. I can't help it. Every time I think of her, I remember her as the replacement model. Now, along with a new kid, she's getting a big starring role -- JoBlo has posted that she's signed on to star in The Secret Dream World of a Shopaholic. This is the movie adaptation of Sophie Kinsella's Confessions of a Shopaholic. (Why would they make the name longer?)

Fisher will play Rebecca Bloomwood, a college grad who makes a living working as a financial journalist in the Big Apple. Most things are going well, except that she's struggling with a terrible shopping addiction. Her bills increase well beyond her means and "she's forced to creatively find solutions to her mounting debt while falling in love with a highly successful entrepreneur she's highlighting for the magazine." Sounds like a perfect match to me -- although we'll have to see how she does as a financial journalist. The adaptation was written by Tracey Jackson (The Guru) and PJ Hogan (Muriel's Wedding and My Best Friend's Wedding), so that should bode well for the production.

Now, this is where I get confused -- they say that filming will begin this November. Fisher's already pretty round, and she's expecting her baby this winter, so I'm not sure how they're going to pull this all off -- unless the start date is just some misinformation. If she's a pregnant financial journalist and shopaholic in New York, well that would be...interesting.

Oh yeah, and she's cute. (Scott made me say that.)
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