Following up her turn in the comic-book movie Ghost Rider, Eva Mendes has signed on to co-star in another comic adaptation, The Spirit. Based on the classic Will Eisner character, the movie will be written and directed by Frank Miller. Varietyreports that Mendes joins a cast that includes Gabriel Macht as the title hero, Samuel L. Jackson as the villainous Octopus and Scarlett Johansson as the Octopus' accomplice, Silken Floss. Although Miller has hinted in the past that the film will feature no love interest -- The Spirit is "a bit of a slut" -- I figured that Johansson would at least serve as the closest thing. Her character would figure well as a femme fatale who seduces and/or ends up falling for The Spirit. So, now how does Mendes' casting fit in? The Hollywood Reporter says the actress is playing a character named Sand Saref, who is described as "a beauty with dangerous curves." The trade further explains her role as the only woman to ever break The Spirit's heart. Saref and Denny Colt (The Spirit's alter ego) were teenage sweethearts before Colt's uncle killed Saref's father. Afterward, Saref entered a life of crime and espionage.

So, I guess The Spirit won't be portrayed as a complete man-whore. According to plot points given at this year's Comic-Con, the film will actually feature a love triangle between The Spirit, Saref and another character named Ellen Dolan, who has yet to be cast. In addition to casting Mendes, Miller has hired a cinematographer for the movie: Bill Pope. The DP is no stranger to comic book movies; he shot Spiderman 2and 3, as well as Sam Raimi's Darkman(which is like a comic book movie) and Army of Darkness. His greatest and most memorable work, though, would have to be The Matrixtrilogy.
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