It's been over a year since we've talked about the possibility of a third Underworld movie, but leave it to sites like to ask the nerdly questions we all want answered. (Although after Underworld: Evolution I'm wondering how strong the demand still is.) While out promoting his new film (Feast of Love), producer Tom Rosenberg was asked about the status of the Underworld series.

As we told you a while back, the third Underflick promises to be A) a prequel and B) sans Kate Beckinsale. Husband / director Len Wiseman is still staying on as a producer (and possibly writer), but it looks like we'll have a new helmer and a lovely new "death dealer" to focus our eyeballs upon. We're promised an official announcement some time soon, but when asked if the next flick could re-invigorate the franchise, Mr. Rosenberg offered this: "It could. It's a prequel. Some people think it could be rebooted. I don't know. I'm not there yet."

And hey, if we can have three Resident Evils, I guess we can have three Underworlds. And just so we're all up to speed: The original Underworld came out in September of 2003, grossed just under $97 million worldwide and racked up a 30% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. (Sue me, I dig the first one!) Evolution struck in January of '06, pulled in about $112 million worldwide and scored a whopping 13% at RT. And as is usually the case where slickly-produced studio genre fare is concerned, both flicks sold like hotcakes on DVD.

So perhaps DVD is where the future of this series lies...
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