There is another Bruce Lee film in the works, one that is a bit more manageable in scope than the utterly ginormous 40-part series I told you about in April. The CBC is reporting that Fruit Chan, the Chinese filmmaker responsible for flicks like Made in Hong Kong and Durian Durian, is going to head the biopic, titled Kowloon City. The film already has a pretty big production name behind it -- Terence Chang, the producer of films like Face/Off, Mission: Impossible II and Bulletproof Monk. Set in Hong Kong in the 1950's, the movie will feature Lee as a child, after his family moved back to China from San Francisco. It's looking to be sort of a buddy drama, as the film will focus not only on Lee, but a fellow kung fu student. How far this film will follow the boys is yet to be determined.

If you want more than tiny tyke Lee action, this isn't the only feature in the works (besides the huge series). On the biographical side of things, Hong Kong helmer Stanley Kwan is trying to negotiate with Lee's family to detail how the action star was influenced by the absence of his father. On the fictional side of things, Enter the Dragon is getting remade. With all these in the works, I wouldn't be surprised if we get something about Bruce Lee's later life, if you can call 33 "later," soon enough.
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