You might have thought all hope was lost for Neil Strauss' womanizing tome The Game to hit the big screen, but now it's back. Last year, Columbia nabbed the book and gave it to Chris Weitz (About a Boy) to adapt. Weitz moved on to The Golden Compass, and the adaptation of The Game was left high and dry. Now Spyglass has nabbed the rights and has tapped relative-unknown Dan Weiss to adapt it. (Variety says he's behind some rewrites for flicks like Halo, as well as an HBO pilot.) Producer Andrew Miano says that while Weitz was the main guy, Weiss has been around since the beginning, and "his perseverance and love for the project continued to impress me." Is he a man in need of some womanizing himself?

If you're not familiar with the book, it's about an average Joe who gets the help from seduction "experts" to become the world's best pickup artist. His main guide, Mystery, uses the mantra: "find, meet, attract and close," while others are monumentally creepier -- like a guy who uses hypnosis as part of his plan to get women in bed. I haven't read the book, so I'm waiting to see if it can pull off the sleaze like, say, Roger Dodgerdid. On the other hand, I'm apprehensive since Campbell Scott's film had him as a pathetic womanizer facing a bunch of strong and powerful women, whereas The Game seems to rely on naivete.

Sidenote: On his website, Strauss claims to be leaving the seduction scene forever, after he gives out some sort of secret "LAST GIFT" to his VIP e-mail list. Hurry now, before the secret is gone forever and life is never the same!!!
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