For his previous feature film, Where the Truth Lies, Atom Egoyan got some fairly big stars -- Colin Firth, Kevin Bacon and Alison Lohman. Sure, it wasn't a blockbuster cast, but it was higher profile than Egoyan was used to working with. And it probably would have appealed to more American moviegoers if it weren't for that NC-17 rating (and all the male anatomy that warranted it). For his next film, the Canadian auteur is going back to working with relative unknowns. He's cast Rachel Blanchard, who also co-starred in Where the Truth Lies, Scott Speedman of the Underworld films and TV's Felicity, teenage actor Devon Bostick and Mrs. Atom Egoyan, Arsinée Khanjian, who has appeared in most of her husband's films. As we learned from Monika last month, this new drama, titled Adoration, will deal with "a high school student who claims to be a figure from recent history." My guess is that Bostick plays the student.

Both in their early 30s, Speedman and Blanchard are too old to play teens yet too young to play parents of a high school student. So, their roles are beyond anything I could guess. I definitely see Khanjian playing Bostick's mother, though. In addition to reporting the cast, Variety also shares some new, yet unspecific info about the plot of Adoration: Egoyan described the film, which we already know has something to do with the internet, as a drama dealing with "this brave new world and how people can invent themselves, or re-invent themselves, through technology." The script for Adoration is "fluid," which I take to mean "open," as we learned last month that Egoyan plans to change things he's written depending on what he learns while shooting. Blanchard, who we last saw in Snakes on a Planehas little in the pipeline before Egoyan's film, while Speedman could become better known to audiences with this fall's The Strangers, in which he stars opposite Liv Tyler. Adoration starts shooting in Toronto next month.
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