Honestly, all I need to hear is Jeff Goldblum and "mockumentary," and I am there, but just in case you're not as into the Goldblum as I am, read on. Over the past few years, the actor has been putting together the part-true, part-fictional mockumentary called Pittsburgh, celebrating the works of Christopher Guest, of course, as well as John Cassavetes and Robert Altman. Goldblum says: "It's not like we've discovered a new planet, but I thought the way we tried to skin it is a little bit different than anybody else. The tone we hit and somehow the way it came together and what we tried to do, I thought, was pretty nifty." Gotta love a man who uses the word "nifty."

Pittsburgh boasts a pretty interesting cast that includes: Ed Begley Jr., Illeana Douglas, Moby, Alanis Morissette, Conan O'Brien and Craig Kilborn. It follows Jeff as he takes on a role in The Music Man for Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera -- "out of love, both for the venerable musical and for his fiancee, Catherine Wreford, a Canadian actress who must get a job or risk losing her visa." How do the others fit in? Well, for one, Douglas and Moby play a couple, and the latter says that while he hasn't seen Goldblum's work, he is a film buff. Moby explains: "I like amateur porn." That should give you an idea of what the flick is like. (You can also check out video clips over at IMDb.)

Although Martha Fischer gave it a solid review from Tribeca last year, and The Hollywood Reporter speaks highly of it, the film isn't getting a wide release. Instead, you can catch it on Starz this Sunday, and on DVD next month. If you do check it out, let us non-Starz people know what you think!