You might remember that I told you about a little flick called Endless Bummer earlier this month, that Joan Jett nabbed a role in. The premise is simple -- it's 1984, and some jerks steal a surfboard from a Ventura beach. The owner and his friends then drive to the Valley to get it back. While most of the cast was in place, they didn't have their surf shop owner. In a completely not-surprising casting move, The Hollywood Reporter says that Matthew Lillard is taking on the job.

Basically, his character is a veteran surfer who owns a surf shop and makes surfboards -- and he made the one that is stolen, so he helps the teens get it back. Lighthouse's Steven Siebert says: "This is a genuine story of a pivotal day for a group of young Ventura surfers in 1984. We are excited to be working with such a talented ensemble of actors, each of whom brings a unique element to the real-life personalities they are portraying." I really like Lillard -- no matter what craptacular roles he takes on, but I really hope that this is one of his better ones. His roles as Cereal Killer and Stuart Macher can't negate some of the shlock forever. Then again, surf movies are one of the genres that can make schlock acceptable -- thanks to all the hard work of Frankie and Annette.
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