If an ice-skating Jon Heder wasn't enough to appease your Hederistic impulses for the year, you're getting another shot. indieWIRE has posted that First Independent Pictures will be releasing his next comedy, Moving McAllister, on September 14. The movie's star, Ben Gourley of Pride and Prejudice, wrote the indie screenplay, and the film was helmed by the man who directed him in the Jane Austen film, Andrew Black. It's looking like a cross between Three for the Road, Stranger than Fiction, Road Trip and even some Planes, Trains & Automobiles -- the quest, the uptight hero, the seemingly insane sidekick and some saucy bed shenanigans.

Gourley plays Nick -- a rather anal intern at a law firm who dreams about making partner. To impress the firm's top lawyer McAllister (played by Rutger Hauer), he agrees to transport the lawyer's niece (Mila Kunis) across the country only a few days before he has to take the bar exam. Along the way, they pick up a hitchhiker (Heder) and as with any road trip full of crazy mishaps, Nick begins to reevaluate things. You can check the trailer out here, and even delight in the wonderful scene where Nick pops a rather large pimple on Heder's back. If the initial votes over at IMDb are any indication, it should be worth the time -- out of 32 votes, it's scored 8.9/10.
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