Dedication wants to be an endearingly quirky character study in which expressionistic aesthetics lend lyricism to the saga of weird individuals struggling to attain personal contentment and fulfillment. What it actually is, however, is an unoriginal romantic comedy that vainly attempts to mask its conventionality with all manner of eccentricities. For his directorial debut, actor Justin Theroux comes off as trying to channel former collaborator David Lynch with every drone, clank, and clang of his pushy soundtrack, while simultaneously employing as many needless flash-cuts as he can possibly muster in 93 minutes. Such superfluous stylistics don't have any inherent relationship to the narrative at hand, and as a result leave one with the impression that the director wishes he were making a different, perhaps more abstract and avant-garde, film. Then again, one can only partially blame Theroux for not seeking an audio-visual schema to match his story, since what his hackneyed content most clearly deserves is a form of the most milquetoast sort.
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