Back in July, Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Vera Farmiga, Edie Falco and Alan Alda were in talks for Nothing but the Truth-- Rod Lurie's upcoming political thriller. (If you remember, the movie parallels Valerie Plame's struggles.) They have all signed on, and now we've got another cast member that is, frankly, surprising. The Hollywood Reporter has listed Friends star David Schwimmer. Yes, Ross. Beckinsale is a journalist who exposes the agent and goes to prison when she won't reveal her source, and Schwimmer is going to play her husband. At first, he supports his wife's decision to remain silent, but as things progress, he "begins to resent her for choosing a principle over her family."

It sounds completely not-goofy, so will this be his chance to finally get some real cred? It's just such a strange choice... Sitting around the casting table, already having the likes of flipping Alan Alda, who thinks: "Hey, we should get David Schwimmer for the role!?" It's the sort of gig that many, many actors could fill in, so I would love to know what made them choose Ross. Maybe he can pull it off? But it isn't Schwimmer's only chance to prove himself. You might remember that he recently made a movie that sounds much more up his alley -- Run Fat Boy, Run. The teaser came out way back in February, and the Simon Pegg-starring comedy is finally premiering next month at TIFF, before it's released in October. What do you think? Does Schwimmer have it in him?
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