When walking home after a late dinner and movie on Tuesday night, I couldn't believe how many people were out at the bars and milling on the street. I scoured my brain to make sure my inner calendar was right, that it didn't somehow become Friday without my noticing, and then I realized: it's just about time to go back to school, and college kids are swarming the neighborhood bars before the crush of work descends. While the older kids party, the younger ones are buying up their school supplies, spending mass amounts on this year's wardrobe and preparing to slide into their clique-run paradise next month.

Scott recently covered teen sex comedies that DON'T suck, and that included some of the quintessential high school flicks, so I thought I would go a different route. While teen movies usually cover the angst and trauma of school pretty well, there is one thing they all have, no matter what the genre -- the jerky, fiendish villain. What follows are my picks for the biggest jerks in high school fare. We can't help but loathe them, but they also provide great incentive for our heroes.

Darla Marks -- Dazed and Confused (1993)

Oh that's it, Miss Hot Stuff. I'm gonna make the next year of your life a living hell... Lick me! All of you!

Most girls -- they'll get snotty or catty, but Darla -- well, she brings it to an all new level. Granted, she has a sadistic high school ritual to back her up, but either way, she loves her chance to be bitchy. She gets a great gleam in her eye as she torments the incoming freshman girls, commanding them to fling to themselves to the ground. Darla derives power from the fact that a whole group of young girls are succumbing to her whims, which puts that wonderfully sinister smile on her face.
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