Well over a year ago I covered a Bloody-Disgusting report that said Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti might be playing Colonel Parker in Don Coscarelli'sBubba Ho-tep sequel. And then I pretty much forgot about the whole thing. But those non-stop movie freaks over at Rotten Tomatoes recently spoke with the actor during his Shoot 'Em Up press tour -- and he actually had something to say about status of Bubba Nosferatu and the Curse of the She-Vampires.

Well, first Mr. G expresses some affection for Coscarelli's earlier films (you go, Paul!) but then he sort of blames the delays on the most unlikely of people: Is Bruce Campbell the one holding up Bubba 2? Say it ain't so! But here's what Giamatti had to say: "Bruce Campbell was waffling around about whether he wants to play Elvis or not again. So that's the problem ... I'm playing Colonel Parker, which will be great, but you gotta have Elvis and you really want him playing Elvis, so hopefully we can get him to do it. If not, I'm sure they will try and find somebody else but I think it's contingent on whether he'll do it or not. It's a great script, a completely insane script. I would love to do that because I love [Bubba Ho-Tep]. It's a great movie."

The first Bubba flick earned a lot of praise on the genre festival circuit before hitting DVD and becoming an overnight cult favorite. Based on the short story by Joe Lansdale, it's the story of a forgotten old Elvis Presley (Campbell) who teams up with John F. Kennedy (Ossie Davis) to rid their nursing home of an evil soul-sucking mummy. Very weird, very fun. And if this is true about Mr. Campbell weighing his options, I'd like to offer one piece of advice to the square-jawed cult hero: Bruce, do the flick!
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