We already know that Julie Delpy is talented at writing and acting in solid, non-schticky romantic fare. And, as 2 Days in Paris showed us, she can also make life drama light and comedic without needing to put in an obligatory group dance scene, or anything else equally tacky. MTV recently talked to the filmmaking wonder woman about her next project (aside from The Countess) -- and she's having trouble getting it off the ground.

The flick is called World Wars and Other Fun Stuff to Watch on the Evening News, and Delpy describes it as a political satire that crosses Dr. Strangelove with Monty Python. The movie "takes place in a fantasy country that borders Afghanistan, Korea and Cuba. It's the country of VBP, the Very Bad People. It's all about a big coup. It makes fun of the idea of making everything, including war, a spectacle." Brilliance! (How many presidents wished they could just transport Cuba far, far away from North America?!)

Personally, I'd be sold just on that, but unfortunately, I'm not the one with the money. She explains: "I'm facing the problem [of finding] financiers. They're terrified of serious political subject matter dealt with in a crazy way. They think you'll lose this demographic and that demographic, but it's all bull. I wish people were more ballsy. Financiers are chickens." I guess these guys didn't see Borat. (Oh man, Delpy and Cohen together... I'd be in heaven!) Anyhow, she'd "die to do it," and I'd die to see it, but what about you?
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