There seems to be a trend recently to share the stories of the tough, African American heroin dealers from 1970's Harlem. Earlier this month, we got a trailer for Mr. Untouchable, a doc about the rise and fall of Nicky Barnes. And, as you might have noticed, we're also about to see Denzel Washington take on the story of Frank Lucas, another top dog in the Harlem heroin scene, in Ridley Scott's upcoming American Gangster. (Note: Cuba Gooding Jr. is playing Barnes in this flick.) We just need one more flick for Guy Fisher, and we'll be set!

The first trailer for the film came out in June, and now we've got a fresh one to feast on from Empire Online, both of which give a lot more life to the mood set by the posters. This one makes things a little more epic and plays more on Lucas as both a dangerous drug dealer and an ethical family man whose carefully-structured life spins out of control. What I like about trailers like these is how some careful editing can make it seem like you know the whole story, when it is taken out of context enough to whet your appetite without giving everything away. While that final gun shot looks ominous, you know that it isn't quite what the trailer is insinuating (if you've seen the first trailer). But tricks and flash aside, this is looking like one sweet movie! While I would've loved to see Benicio Del Toro over Russell Crowe, I'm still hooked.