After the wild success of March of the Penguins, Paramount Classics thought they had a solid follower with Arctic Tale -- the story of a walrus and her calf and a polar bear and her cubs. They scored a promotional partner in Starbucks and waited for the success. Well, where Penguins earned millions, Variety reports that Tale has only earned $484,000 in the past month -- not quite the popularity they were expecting. (Penguins had nabbed millions in the same amount of time.)

But it seems that no matter how much Starbucks can infiltrate the US, and slip a store on practically every street corner, they can't seem to beef up movie sales. Tale is their second attempt -- the first was Akeelah and the Bee, which also performed below expectations. But it's not without some effort -- for this latest film, the company installed signage and stickers, specially-branded cup sleeves, sold plush walruses, sold the film's soundtrack and had special discussions in some stores about climate change. They didn't go further, like specially-named drinks, to avoid over-commercializing the tie-in, which I have to respect. "We are careful to promote our products and projects in a tasteful manner and not to interfere with the coffeehouse experience," says Ken Lombard. The article also mentions how the stores don't have screens to air footage, but really, it's a flipping coffeehouse -- that's a good thing! Is the problem how Starbucks is promoting it, the films themselves, or something else?