Hearing that National Treasure: Book of Secrets is going to tackle the Lincoln assassination, I can't help but wish that Nicolas Cage grabs one of those fake parchments with the side-by-side rundown of the coincidences between that assassination and Kennedy's. Man, it would terrible, but in that wonderful Bubba Ho-Tep sort of way. And really, we're talking about National Treasure, so I don't think that could hurt it at all.

IGN recently talked to director Jon Turteltaub about the flick, and from what he says, the film is exactly what you would probably expect: a Bruckheimer-like adventure movie. The director says: "Making National Treasure, I was aspiring to all the Jerry Bruckheimer movies I'd seen. To make a movie that looks big, felt exciting and would be a big audience pleaser. But I didn't want to do that and forget about the kinds of things that were important to me. Not just great characters, but great character relationships. People who you root for." Well, based on the teaser that Scott directed us to a few months ago, I don't think I'll be rooting for Riley Poole, but anyway...

Turteltaub also talks about sequels and says: "everybody is going to be thinking, 'You're a sellout.' Everyone down the line, including cinematographers and editors, are thinking the same thing. So we tried to elevate casting by getting Helen Mirren and Ed Harris." Of course, we know that -- but from what he said, I'm getting the feeling that he isn't too sure he believes it. (Besides, wouldn't a really solid script be more important than notable actors?) He goes from there to talk about attempting to make a movie he would like, and if he fails, then at least a movie others would like. There's too much talk about selling out and failing for my tastes. However, to give him credit, Turteltaub also talks about the lack of adventures on American soil, and that I'm totally into -- we're familiar with the landscape, the people and the history -- so why not play on that on-screen?
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