Once again I don't see a theme forming in this week's gaggle of new previews, so I'm just going with stuff that I would plunk my hard-earned money down to see.

At first look I thought this humorous look at the relationships of three technologically obsessed young men was a documentary, and I think the realism the trailer conveys gives the film a sort of Blair Witch Project feel (that's a good thing). Director Joe Swanberg stars as Tim, who appears to be caught up in a triangle with his girlfriend and his computer. Tim's friend Alex is so obsessed with a beautiful girl he's met online that he doesn't notice the very real girl who is attracted to him. Chris finds himself separated from his girlfriend, and they are forced to continue their relationship through the technological filters of internet and cell phone. Karina Longworth reviewed LOL way back in March of 2006. The trailer grabbed my attention as something different, and Karina's positive review really has me wanting to see this one.

Dan in Real Life
Steve Carell may have taken a bit of a bath with Evan Almighty, but I suspect he'll be bouncing back with this one. He's still being funny here, but you can see a little more of the subtlety he brought to Little Miss Sunshine. Carell plays an advice columnist and single father of three girls. He meets a woman for whom he feels he has a special connection and she turns out to be his brother's girlfriend. As simplistic and sitcom-esque as the plot sounds, Carell really sells it with his usual warmth and likability. Scott found himself liking the trailer too and you can read his take on it here. The film goes into limited U.S. release on October 12 with a wider release following on October 19. Check out the trailer right here: