You might have heard of this documentary called Manufacturing Dissent, where Rick Caine and Debbie Melnyk went about filming a doc focusing on Michael Moore, and ended up using Moore's own in-your-face techniques to question the controversial filmmaker. Cinematical's Jette Kernion reviewed it at SXSW, and asked: "how do we know what the truth is behind this film or any documentary?" But she isn't the only one who started asking questions after the film. Kim also alerted us to complaints from John Pierson about Moore's techniques and wavering credibility. Now you can see it for yourself -- or rather, most of it.

Before the doc gets released on DVD on November 6, Variety has reported that 40 of the film's 97 minutes are getting screened on AOL's True Stories website -- for free. Of course, since you're not having to fork over your hard-earned money, you will have to deal with ads being spliced into the video. It's an ... interesting way to drum up support. They're hoping for lots of blogs and comments on the material to help increase buzz, and possibly get the film on more screens, but is showing almost half of the film interspersed with ads the way to go?

We're all familiar with a preview clip here or there, but that's different than watching half the film and then waiting a few months to see the other half. I'm wondering if this will drum up enough buzz for the DVD, or if it will be forgotten by the time November rolls around. Or, will viewers feel satiated by what they see in 40 minutes, and not feel the need to see the rest? It's an intriguing idea, yet I can't help but think it would've been much better if it was done a week or two before the DVD release -- where people could see if they'd like the doc enough to buy it, and still have the film fresh in their mind when it hits the stands.