Just when you thought the big screen version of Eidos Interactive's Hitman was finally on its way, you'll have to wait a little longer. IGN is reporting that 20th Century Fox has pushed the flick's release date back just a little. The first teaser trailer premiered back in June and there's already been some glimpses at photos and poster art for the film ... everything seemed to be on track. Directed by Xavier Gens, this is his first Hollywood film and the script was written by Skip Woods (Swordfish). Timothy Olyphant stars as the elusive killing machine Agent 47: A genetically engineered assassin trying to unravel his past while bringing down the bad guy (Dougray Scott) and aiding a damsel in distress (Olga Kurylenko).

Originally the film was set for release on October 12, which would have slated the film to open against Elizabeth: The Golden Age with Cate Blanchett and Kenneth Branagh's Sleuth update -- neither of which was really in direct competition, so a lack of studio confidence probably was not behind the switch. Hitman will now open closer to Thanksgiving, on November 21, the same weekend as Frank Darabont's The Mist, which in my mind might present more of a challenge for Agent 47 in a competition for audiences. But there's plenty of box-office to go around during a holiday weekend, so Fox is probably hoping to cash in on that fact. IGN reports that Fox should be making an official announcement later this week, so I hope this is the last delay for the film before it hits theaters this November.