Filmmaker John Singleton was involved in a tragic car accident on Thursday that left one woman dead, says The L.A. Times. Police were quick to note that Mr. Singleton was completely sober at the time of the accident and also he was obeying the legal speed limit. L.A. Police spokesman Jason Lee explained that Mr. Singleton struck a 57-year-old woman named Constance Russell and also that the woman died from her injuries the following morning.

Apparently no files will be charged against Singleton -- the report claims that Ms. Russell was not navigating the road at a designated crosswalk -- but obviously this is tragic news all around. John Singleton is best known for breaking in with Boyz n the Hood. His other films include Higher Learning, Rosewood, Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Four Brothers. His next project looks to be a crime drama called Tulia, plus he's also been mentioned as the helmer on the long-discussed Luke Cage adaptation.

The Cinematical staff would like to extend its deepest sympathies to the family of Ms. Russell.
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