The Arizona Department of Commerce has a page on their site for the Arizona Film Office; while the page lists helpful resources, their "HotWEB!!" doesn't reveal any current productions. So I did a "power search" at IMDb. Deducting television shows and direct to video titles, about 100 shorts and features filmed entirely or in part in Arizona have a 2007 release date attached.

What I'm calling "The Arizona Hot 100" includes big Hollywood productions (The Kingdom, Next, Transformers), independent projects featuring well-known names (Sean Penn's Into the Wild, Tamara Jenkins' The Savages) and foreign-language films (Julio Medem's Caótica Ana from Spain, Pál Sándor's Noé bárkája from Hungary/Canada).

Independent feature Jolenewas directed by Dan Ireland, it's based on a story by E. L. Doctorow (Ragtime) about a traveling teenage orphan and her adventures over a ten-year period. The cast includes Dermot Mulroney, Chazz Palminteri, Michael Vartan, Denise Richards and Theresa Russell, with Jessica Chastain as the title character. I couldn't find a web site for the film, though I did find an on-location production photo (pictured), courtesy of the Sonoran News, which covered a scene filmed at Big Earl's Greasy Eats in Cave Creek, Arizona. They're aiming for release later this year.

Burke Heffner'sRevolver is another cross-country adventure, this time focusing on a man named Pocket and a woman named Blue. The film has an attractive and informative web site and the award-winning trailer looks very appetizing. Read a bit further, though, because the "Golden Trailer Award" is for "Best Trailer No Movie." Yup, Heffner and company are searching for investors so they can make their movie. Somebody give these guys some money, and hurry -- the trailer is sweet.

If you're an Arizona filmmaker or a resident with tips on what's in production in your state, let us know! We're especially interested in independent features. You can use this handy form or leave a comment.
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