Did you know that something like 98.8% of all movie tickets are sold to people between the ages of 14 and 18? Yep, completely untrue. But it sure feels that way if you spend a lot of time at the mall-style multiplexes. I swear they're like a plague that never shuts up and throws you a nasty sneer if you happen to DARE to ask them to shut the f...

Oops, sorry. Just got a little aggravated after having a movie near-ruined for me last night. (What the hell were eight 15-year-olds doing at a midnight screening of Death at a Funeral, for cryin' out loud?) But while I honestly have nothing against teenagers, I'd still contend that the only people they DON'T annoy in movie theaters are other teenagers. Kids, seriously: No matter how large your dad's widescreen mega-plasma wall-covering TV monitor is, there's still a big difference between a movie theater and your living room. Please shut the hell up for about 120 minutes.

Whoa, I got sidetracked again. (Focus!) Last night on Fox we got to see what the teens like best. They threw some squee-love towards a bunch of TV shows and musicians, but (fortunately) we're a movie site and so that's all I'm focusing on. Beneath the jump you'll find a (big) list of the 2007 Teen Choice Awards nominees, the winners, and some oh-so-snarky commentary from a grown-up child who, yes, used to be one of those loud-ass jerky 15-year-olds not so very long ago.
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