Time has flown by and it's been almost three years since Christopher Reeve died on October 10, 2004. You might remember that his son Matthew had been filming a three-part documentary series about his famous father. The first, Christopher Reeve: Courageous Steps, aired on ABC back in 2002 and earned an Emmy nomination. The second part was completed and before the third chapter could be tackled, Mr. Reeve died. Now Variety is reporting that the first two parts of the series are going to be released on a DVD called Hope in Motion on November 6.

The disc is from Art Alliance America and the company's president, Joe Amodei, says: "It's incredibly inspirational. As much as many of us think we know this story, you see things here that you've never seen. I was always a fan of him as an actor and I followed his story, but I never knew after his accident that he could do things like raise his arms up and this film shows the progress he made by just continuing to fight against the odds."

I imagine it will be both inspiring and depressing as all hell. The footage details the life of Christopher and Dana post-accident, and includes interviews with him and his doctors, footage from the actor's rehabilitation sessions and his role as an advocate for stem-cell research. Obviously, that much will be inspiring -- the man had an insane amount of drive and determination. Unfortunately, there's the dark air to it -- his death as well as Dana's last year. Still, it's nice to see his fight live on. Part of the revenue will be donated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, so hopefully the DVD does well.