At the beginning of the month, we brought you the ultra-wordy poster for The Hunting Party. No, it isn't some flick about rifles and the hunt for gamey meat, but instead, the hunt for notorious bad guys. Aside from having tons of words, the poster actually answered its own question, which is both weird and funny. They asked: "How can they find the World's most wanted war criminal when they C.I.A. can't?" This is followed by some journalistic style: "[by actually looking]." The poster -- it's alright, but it isn't half as cool as the trailer that is now out.

The film stars, get this -- Richard Gere, Terrence Howard and Jesse Eisenberg as a few risk-loving journalists and a cameraman who decide to find the top war criminal in Bosnia. (I'd go see it just for the cast alone!) The trailer is all about the irresistibility of danger, mixed in with some good, old-fashioned American cover-ups and humor. This is the first time in eons that I've been intrigued by Gere in a role, and I love seeing him with Howard, who usually picks great movies and Eisenberg, who is just plain awesome. While it doesn't seem to really tread new ground, Hunting looks pretty entertaining and fun -- and it's based on an Esquire article called What I Did on my Summer Vacation by Scott Anderson. What's even better -- you don't have to wait too long to check it out. The film comes out September 7.