A while back I posted about somethingawful.com's Photoshop Phriday feature in which Photoshop enthusiasts were invited to make grindhouse style posters for mainstream films. As cool as that was, I think this new one has it beat hands down. The latest Photoshop Phriday challenge was to design breakfast cereal boxes in the style of grindhouse movie posters (thanks to Boing Boing for pointing this out). Yup, two great tastes that taste great together: a healthy breakfast and exploitation cinema. You really have to see this. Head on over here to check it out, though be advised some are a bit risqué and may not be safe for viewing at work. These things remind me of Wacky Packages, but much naughtier.

One of the best is The Bran Eaters, which recycles artwork from 1958's The Brain Eaters. And of course there's Kellogg's Double Breakfast featuring a double feature of Crispix (Corn on one side, rice on the other, a world of sin in-between) and Mini-Wheats (Shameless youth willing to do anything for fiber!). There's a version of Trix that is definitely NOT for kids, and imagine if you will a grindhouse cinema take on Count Chocula. Sugar Smack (the prize inside is a hypodermic needle) gets extra kudos for giving the box the well-worn scotch-taped look of an old movie poster.
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