Although he's spent the last four years co-starring on the television show Entourage, Jeremy Piven usually pops up in all sorts of movies. (Was Smokin' Aces part comedy?) Before that was Keeping Up with the Steins -- not so awesome -- but before that, well, he was in the well-belovedOld School. (Plus Weinberg tells me he's a scene-stealer in The Kingdom.) Now The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Piven will team up with School castmate Will Ferrell for a new comedy called The Goods: The Don Ready Story. Wait, before you imagine some Ricky Bobby or Ron Burgundy character, this flick ain't starring Ferrell -- it's all Piven's. This time around, Ferrell will stay behind the camera as producer under he and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions.

Ready will star Piven as "a used-car liquidator hired to save a struggling dealership during a Fourth of July weekend sale." Scribes Rick Stempson and Andy Stock wrote the script, but since their first project, Gary the Tennis Coach, doesn't come out until next year -- there's no telling how this will play out. The comedy will, however, be directed by Neal Brennan -- Half Baked writer and Chappelle's Show co-creator, which should mean good things for the flick. Now, considering the last handful of comedies to have names in the titles (many of which involved Ferrell), it'll be interesting to see which way this goes. While he's no stranger to comedy, Piven isn't so much of the strange and goofy. As long as this is nothing like Bruce Willis' Breakfast of Champions, we should be in good shape!
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