This latest entry in Camp Motion Pictures' Retro 80s Horror Collection differs from previous ones (see my reviews of Video Violence and Ghoul School) in a few ways. First, the film was shot in 1991, not quite making the cut-off for a Retro 80s title, but based on the hairstyles alone I say it's close enough. The other Retro 80s movies lived a previous life on VHS, but this is the first time Beauty Queen Butcher (which streets on September 11) has made it to home video in any format, which begs the question where, if anywhere, has this shot-on-video effort ever seen the light of day before? Finally, I was surprised at the production values. While the budget is obviously minuscule and the sound is a bit muddy in spots, the lighting, editing and direction all appear to have been done by people who knew what they were doing.

Four snooty high school bimbettes decide to enter the Miss Slough Queen Beauty Pageant. Everyone realizes that Muffy Fairlane (Kathryn A. Mensik) is the surefire winner, and none of the other girls wants to risk coming in last place, so they trick the overweight and unpopular Phyllis Loden (Rhona Brody) into entering. Phyllis is a good-hearted orphan with a weakness for Twinkies and whose only friends are the bespectacled dork Cameron and her cat Eartha. The Executive Chairwoman of the pageant, Betty Prunish (played by an intentionally unconvincing cross-dressing man, Jim Boggess), takes an immediate dislike to Phyllis and charges the other girls with the responsibility of making the heavy-set girl's life a living hell.
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