We try not to dabble (too much) in gossip here at Cinematical, which is why we're a little late on this unpleasant news. (Basically I wanted to wait for confirmation from a strong source before quoting the tabloids on something like this.) But here's what seems to be the news:

Actor / screenwriter Owen Wilson was rushed to a Santa Monica hospital yesterday after what definitely looks like a suicide attempt. Reports from various tabloids and websites indicate that his left wrist was cut and also that he'd overdosed on pills, but was discovered by a family member. Some reports indicate that while things looked grim at the beginning, Wilson is now in stable condition.

Source links for updates: Fox News, TMZ.com, Variety and (with the "exclusives") the always-classy Star Magazine / National Enquirer

Right about here is where I'd make a well-intentioned joke, but it really doesn't seem appropriate. Everyone here at Cinematical hopes that Wilson makes a very swift recovery and defeats whatever personal problems he's dealing with.
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