Bet you didn't see this news coming: The Unforeseenhas been picked up for US distribution by Cinema Guild, according to indieWIRE. Cinema Guild "plans a fall '07 roll out in New York and Los Angeles, followed by a national release." Cinema Guild is a small distribution outfit, but they have more than 30 years of specialized experience, so they look like a good match for The Unforeseen. Director Laura Dunn examines the dangerous effects of development on the environment in Austin, Texas. She interviews key players in a battle involving real estate developers, politicians and environmentalists.

The film premiered at Sundance, where our own Kevin Kelly declared that it's "the type of documentary that manages to knock the wind out of you as you watch it. This is because [director Laura Dunn] manages to hit the nail on the head of the 'how can you not see this?' correlation between cause and effect." Other reviewers agreed. Robert Koehler in Varietyhad high praise: "The kind of transformative viewing experience that has made the current period a golden age for nonfiction film. ... Big screen values demand a theatrical run. ... As a cinematic contemplation of human activity on the planet, it far surpasses An Inconvenient Truth and its more lecture-like message on global warming."

I thought An Inconvenient Truth was nothing more than a well-meaning slide show, yet clearly it touched a nerve and drew flocks of people to see it. Recently The 11th Hour had an impressive opening weekend. Expanding to 20 screens this past weekend, it had a respectable $3,500 per-screen average, according to Box Office Mojo, so maybe there really is an audience for the subject. Reading about The Unforeseen certainly makes me want to see it. Dunn writes a blog that serves as the film's official site.
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