Just when it looked like things were gearing up for Corey Haim -- getting a reality show and nabbing a part in the Lost Boys sequel (after first crying that he wasn't invited) -- he's hit another snag. According to MTV, the actor popped by for a long conversation, and had been raving about his involvement in the Lost Boys sequel that is gearing up in Vancouver. However, it seems that after the interview, Haim's manager called to tell them that problems popped up, which could possibly stop his involvement in the project -- "major logistical obstacles." By that, she means some sort of immigration problems he could have if he takes the part in the feature.

Now, before you start a roaring edition of Blame Canada, remember that Corey is actually a Torontonian who was living in the city only a few years ago -- so Vancouver shouldn't be a problem for him. I imagine that means he might have trouble getting back stateside? I would imagine that he's there legally if he's working, so I don't know what the problem is. Warner Brothers is currently trying to work the issues out, but if they can't, The Tribe might only have the Frog brothers. Is that still enough to make you see it?
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