The man behind both my beloved Basquiat and 2000's Before Night Falls has a few movies coming down the pike. Our James Rocchi already reviewedJulian Schnabel'sLe Scaphandre et le Papillon, which comes out in December, from Cannes and said: "I staggered into the light awestruck, a little moved, my heart and mind both racing with the excitement and power of the film I'd just seen." With a review like that, it seems like enough, but that's not all! There's also another film on the way, and while it hasn't premiered yet, Variety reports that Fortissimo Films has already grabbed its international sales rights.

The movie is Berlin, and it's a concert film featuring Lou Reed. See, there's this concept album he released in 1973 called Berlin. While it was a commercial failure, it has since been hailed as a masterpiece -- yet Reed had never brought it to a live audience. Schnabel, however, had a hand in getting it out there -- he built the shows sets and recorded Reeds first forays in performing the songs live. Now, while Reed takes the show around the world, Schnabel's film is headed for both Venice and Toronto. There's no trailer out for the film yet, but if you're interested in Reed's live show, you can check out a clip here.
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