One of my favorite films of the year is a documentary called Girls Rock!, which I reviewed for HotDocs back in May. It's a sassy flick that follows a bunch of young women who are taking part in the Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls. Each young goddess takes her angst and turmoil and turns it into rock music, finding that oh-so-rare outlet to rant, rave and let it all out. As if a bunch of great, strong girls wasn't enough, the film also shows the potential that lies within them -- building their bands, writing the lyrics and music, performing for an audience -- and all in one week. I'm happy to report that according to the doc's official website, it has been picked up by Shadow Distribution and will be released on March 7, 2008.

I can only hope that Girls Rock! makes a medium-sized splash so that more young girls can see that there are many more roads open to them -- something other than mainstream teen fare would lead them to believe. Arne Johnson and Shane King's doc is not only great for adults, but can be a big source of inspiration for young females -- by delighting in their own uniqueness and showing them all that they can accomplish. In the interim, you can check out a trailer here, and get ready for the likes of death-metal-lover Laura, gang-survivor Misty, sneering Palace and songwriter Amelia.