First, there was Platoon, the 4-Oscar winner classic about the horrors of war. Then there was Born on the Fourth of July -- a double Oscar winner about the life of paralyzed Vietnam vet Ron Kovic. Finally, there was Heaven & Earth, a Golden Globe winner about the true story of a Vietnamese girl struggling during and after the war. Now Variety is reporting that after almost fifteen years, Oliver Stone is heading back to Vietnam -- and he's taking the Live Free or Die HardBruce Willis and Channing Tatum (who just completed an Iraq film called Stop Loss) with him.

This time around, the flick is called Pinkville, and it's an upper of a drama about the investigation of the 1968 My Lai massacre -- the mass murder of hundreds of defenseless Vietnamese people -- mostly women and children. (Some of whom were also tortured and mutilated.) Willis will calm his adventurous ways down a bit and play Army General William R. Peers, who supervised the investigation into the massacre, and Tatum will play defiant hero Hugh Thompson. Thompson was a helicopter pilot who spotted what was happening and landed his copter between the soldiers and remaining villagers before airlifting the remaining people to safety and reporting the atrocity. (Which, of course, didn't make him too popular amongst his fellow US forces.) We might also see a young Colin Powell, who was involved in the investigation of a letter from another soldier.

The script was written by Mikko Alanne, and will be his first feature film -- he previously penned a number of short films and most recently wrote Notorious, about the murders of Tupac and Biggie Smalls. The feature will go into production next year, and I'm sure that it is going to rile up a bunch of people. While it's a true story, there will be those war tensions to deal with, but it's not like that would deter Stone.
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